Head of the organizational and educational department Safarov Ilkhomzhon Ismoilovich
Tel: (+992 37) 2271628; (+992) 904374747

The activities of the organizational and educational department to explain to students the essence of the national idea, independence, revival of national identity, consideration of the essence and importance of respect and reverence for the history and cultural heritage of ancestors, revival of national traditions, understanding patriotism and civic duty, prevention of harmful extremist ideas and the influence of extremist parties among youth.

At 5 faculties and in 1 scientific and technical center of the college, pedagogical leaders and sponsors carry out educational work. They give meaningful lessons and a variety of activities for each of the elements of education. In the field of work with sponsors and parents under the leadership of the deputy director for educational work Abdurakhimov Kh.I. There is a college board of trustees.

For the purposes of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “The responsibilities of parents for the education and upbringing of children” in the organizational and educational institution, special attention is paid to work with parents. At the faculties, cooperation with the parents of students is involved, they are involved in solving problems in circles.

At the same time, the organizational and educational department of the college conducts a number of different activities to combat corruption. Explanatory work in this direction is carried out regularly among teachers and students, students of the STC, employees, parents of students in the form of meetings with employees of relevant departments, interviews, training hours.