Information on the Department of Education of the Technical College of the TTU named after Academician M. Osimi

The department of Education is the main and independent structure of the college.Supervision of educational work, educational and methodical work is carried out in it. In the course of its activities, the Department of Education implements the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, orders of the director of the college, decisions of the Academic Council and the Model Regulations of secondary vocational education.            The Education department conducts its activities on the basis of the approved annual work plan and the plan of the educational process for the new academic year and in accordance with the instructions of the vice director of Education of the college.

The Department of Education carries out its activities according to the developed plan and is approved annually by the vice Director of Education. Execution of the Board’s activities is supervised by the head of the department and is subordinated to the Deputy Director for Education, who is appointed and dismissed by the order of the Director. The main tasks of the Department of Education in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education, from the planning of training sessions, work organization and discussion of materials on quality control of education, organization and development of curricula in the college, conducting internships and training, monitoring the implementation of work plans faculties and departments, organization and discussion of activities of departments and faculties for independent work of students, development of action plans to improve the educational process in the institution, preparation of documents for the establishment of new departments and faculties and the main tasks of the department of Education are:

Improving the quality of education and the learning process;– organization and conduct of the educational process;- to coordinate the work of departments and faculties on education;- Improving the quality of teaching staff;- Development, submission and development of the long-term plan of the College;- Dissemination and analysis of best practices of departments and faculties in education;Duties of the Department of Education:– development of the work plan for the academic year;- organization, control and dissemination of educational materials;- development of a plan for the educational process;- training and production internship and control over its implementation;-organizing and disseminating the work of faculties on planning independent work and monitoring and current progress of students;- control over the implementation of curricula for all specialties;- Checking the work of departments and faculties on education;- to measure the number and movement of students;- analysis and distribution of materials of examination sessions and attendance of students;- compilation of statistical reports and educational and methodological work;- control and dissemination of materials in the educational process;- to plan the operation of auditoriums and laboratories and provide them with technical equipment;- inspection of departments on preparation and carrying out of all types of educational process;- compilation of information on educational and methodological work;- preparation of materials for approval of the staff of professors, teachers and support staff;- distribution, calculation and control over the use of the hourly fund for payment of wages- response to letters and information on educational issues;- preparation of annual reports on educational and methodical work;and other tasks and assignments provided by the administration and the Academic Council.Under the auspices of the Department of Education, there is a department for monitoring and managing the quality of education, a department for internships, a department for statistics, training and production laboratory, and a registration office. Employees of the Department of Education act on the basis of job descriptions and fulfill their obligations in a timely manner.

Colleagues of the the Educational department

Mirakov Nasim has been working as the head of the education department since January 2020

Uzbekov Buzurgmehr Lutfiddinovich - has been working as the the head of the f Education department from April 2020.

Mahmadaliev Shahrom Bakhtiyorovich – from 2018 has been working as the head of the internship department.

Isoeva Mehrona Sayodovna - from March 2020 has been working as a senior specialist in the field of monitoring and quality management of education.

Beknazarzoda Muslim – from 2020 has been working as the vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics.

Naimov Amirgulkhon Tozagulkhonovich – from 2019 has been working as an adviser to the Department of Education.

Sayohati Sufisho has been working as a coordinator of the education department from 2019.

Tilloeva Muborak - has been working as a Chief Specialist of the Department of Education from August 2020.