Azizmamadova Zulfiya Safarmamadovna – Chairman of the Women’s Council of the Technical College
Tel: (+992 37) 227-59-83, (+992) 938007367
Email: zuzu

The department for working with girls and women is a state branch of the technical college, subordinate to the deputy director for educational work.

For the successful implementation of the set goals and objectives, the Department of Girls and Women Affairs maintains regular cooperation with public organizations, primarily with the Board of Trustees, the Parents’ Council and other public associations.

In the technical college of TTU named after M. Osimi, along with other structures, the Council of Women and Girls operates, which annually develops a work plan of the Council, which is approved by the chairman of the Council of Women and a deputy. Director of Education.

The work plan of the Women’s Council consists of 13 points and, together with the organizational and educational department, implements its own action plan.

The Council of Women and Girls consists of a chairman and 6 members. In the 2019-2020 academic year, 86 women and 435 female students work and study at the technical school, who regularly take an active part in the social work of the institution.

The work of the Women’s Council over the past 5 years has been significant and strives to contribute on an equal basis with men in all areas.

The school administration also supports government policy, appoints women and girls to leadership positions in the institution, and accepts female student jobs after graduation. Women and girls of the institution regularly participate in city, regional and republican competitions and win prizes